Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

CBT is time-sensitive and goal directed therapy, leaving you to gain the tools you need in a shorter amount of time; getting you back to the life you envision for yourself and family.

How can CBT help with my anxiety or depression? Numerous studies have proven CBT to be a very effective tool in therapy to combat depression and anxiety symptoms. As humans, we often have many negative or automatic thoughts that run throughout our minds all day long. Those who struggle with depression and anxiety often place great emphasis and emotion onto these thoughts, causing unnecessary suffering and distress. These intense emotions then drive our unwanted behaviors.

Together, we will work to identify your self-defeating negative thoughts, many which you may not even be aware of. We’ll challenge these thoughts, and replace them with more realistic ones. You will learn to see challenging situations with a more balanced perspective. CBT can provide you with lifelong tools that you can apply to all situations whether great or small. With CBT, you can achieve greater emotional balance and confidence; while improving your mood, relationships, and outlook on life.