Cindy Brown, LMSW

There are times in life when we can become overwhelmed or weighed down by our emotions – when we feel ‘stuck,’ or just do not feel like ourselves. I know that you are doing your best to manage your worries, your grief, your frustrations, or whatever feelings that lead you to consider therapy. It takes strength to acknowledge when we need help and to then make the decision to seek it out. Engaging in therapy is about building new skills and perspectives, or strengthening your existing skills, so that you can more comfortably cope with stress and the complicated emotions that are impacting your life in undesirable ways.

I am a clinical social worker who has had the honor of partnering with people to aid in their healing for more than 20 years. Much of my work has focused on helping those with acute and chronic medical conditions cope with the many stressors and losses that arise from these conditions and situations. I have additionally worked with clients experiencing depression and anxiety as well as issues related to grief and loss. I take a client-centered approach to my work. I will strive to create a comfortable connection that will allow us to partner together to address the concerns that are most important to you.